Recent Mild Surrealism

Things Have been crazy lately. Three things in particular have been on my mind.

I. Russia, leaving their flag on the oil rich seabed of the North Pole, is claiming the Arctic and is ready to fight the US for it. They are apparently eagerly awaiting global warming.

II. America is the only western country that hasn't joined the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (Cedaw). Even Saudi Arabia has, but Iran also hasn't.

III. Blogs for Bush...they exist. And they harbor great minds that write things like this:
The U.S. should officially re-classify Islam from a religion to a terrorist ideology. As a terrorist ideology, Islam should be declared illegal. All U.S. mosques and Islamic madrassas should be closed down and then razed. Any Imams/muftis/Muslims who refuse to stop preaching the terrorist ideology of Islam should be deported and/or imprisoned.
But some are slightly less fanatical:
I don't think we can keep blaming the liberals for everything including this since we control the senate, house, and presidency. I think we have to start looking within all our hearts and blame ourselves for getting away fom jesus.