The Great Flying Fist Scuffle

In a suspected, specially-sanctioned, Tehranian flying fist scuffle of undeclared nuclear material proportions taking place in a backstreet of Abu Dhabi, as so many great flying fist scuffles do; Mohammed ElBaradei, keen on the weapons of Mass distraction, will have none of it.

However, the fists are still flying in Jaisani, Iraq. 25 dead suspected "criminals" (including women and children), but the US forces do not keep complete records on civilians killed.

In essence, the C-130 is a converted cargo plane with numerous Gatling and mini-guns, a modern version of the "Puff the Magic Dragon" gunship used to win the hearts an minds of the suspected "crim-animals" (including women and children) of Vietnam. The precision is limited. Ask Iraq, Iraq, Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan.


The Domino Theory

If we allow gays to marry, people will want to marry their parakeet and goldfish and the Viet communists will take over Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and the hearts and minds of the Iraqistani people will not flutter with those freedom-loving bombs. The greatest threat to the nation is Islamofascism, affordable and non-profit anything, along with Mexican'ts who crossed the boarder that first crossed them.

I heart the Republican debate, the finest Reaganites of The World is Flat.


Honorary Colonel

Great God of the Ants, thou hast granted victory to thy servants. I appoint thee honorary Colonel. Third division, forward, all reserves forward--no prisoners!
--Karel Capek

We are but ants.


The Emperors of Ice Cream Strike Back

The Emperors of Ice Cream strike back in the debate over the derivatives of Donald Trump,
All seeking to Acquire.
Alan Greenspan cauterizes Ayn Rand,
the Alchemy of those smiling purple fingers displaced by the violence of net worth, annual income, adjustable rate mortgages, and bombs over Baghdad.

Its not a time to be complacent.
Freedom lovers unite, you've got nothing to loose but
the few dying ambulances able to extort you from the target audience.


Smartypants whus not heres.

It's an Iraqi salad filled with peppered blackwater cheese, you know the kind that emulates the wild west...or rather Mogadishu, when wars in Africa and a hushed whisper of ongoing imperialism wipe out aid gains.

It's great and cloudy when the lame cowboy takes time out of his day to be "deeply disappointed" over the recognition of Armenian Genocide. Remember the Alamo, healthcare for children? It's all located in the Regional Operational hub for the US Military.

Smartypants whus not heres. Never wus. Never will bee.



In an illuminated projection of divine nausea,
after swallowing a handful of Dramamine,
she weakly opened the overhead door
exhibitioning her exhaust fumes,
"If I have to die,
I'm taking God with me."