Are we Winning the War on Terror? You Bet!

We may be having a hell of a time with them in Iraq, but those "terrorists" in Saudi Arabia have no chance......Not when we have an elite team of

Alias (aka Jennifer Gardener...who doesn't seem to be following the dress code...),
Ray (Jaime Foxx)

...And miscellaneous other people that don't even get to grace the promo poster

A big hearty dose of patriotism, anyone?


"No Volveran"

Hands off Venezuela,

F-M Premiere of "No Volveran!" A new film on the Venezuelan Revolution

What: A public meeting of the F-M Hands Off Venezuela Campaign

When: Tuesday, October 2 at 6:30 pm

Where: Unitarian Universalist Church of Fargo-Moorhead (community room)
121 9th Street South Fargo, ND 58103

For more information, go to Left in East Dakota or Hands Off Venezuela homepage.


The Dream and Lie of War

"cries of children cries of women cries of birds cries of flowers cries of wood and stone cries of bricks cries of furniture of beds of chairs of curtains of casseroles of cats and papers cries of smells that claw themselves of smoke that gnaws the neck of cries that boil in cauldron and the rain of birds that floods the sea that eats into the bone and breaks the teeth biting the cotton that the sun wipes on its plate that bourse and bank hide in the footprint left imbedded in the rock."
---Piccasso, The Dream and Lies of Franco
Picasso, We too are pissed off.


Fargo Turned Me On.

The evil that once held Fargo captive with its Eroticism is dead, or close to it.

First, Rock 102 thought we could be fooled with a modest hula skirt. They thought that would turn away the puritanical pitchforks.
Now they know better. They covered the wedgie and completely gave up on design.

I wonder what says "Fargo"?
Something in Flannel perhaps?


"Have you Forgotten"

September 11th,

Satyagraha, the pursuit of truth.
Most of us quit looking quite a while ago.



I find the controversy surrounding the newly opened New York Arabic language school interesting, mainly because I'm finding it very hard to believe why this should be a controversy.

Khalil Gibran International Academy will teach Arabic language and Arabic culture. And since it is a public school (also funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation), you do not have to have any Arab ethnicity or be a follower of Islam to attend, it is open for anyone.

There are basic core requirements for the standard subjects (as with any public school) and Arabic language and culture is also taught.

I believe this is a great opportunity for Arab-Americans to reconnect with their culture. However, some believe that it is a "breeding ground" for radical extremist thought.

There are two important factors that the opponents should consider before labeling it as a "breeding ground"......

1. It is named after "Khalil Gibran," who was a Lebanese Christian poet.

2. The current principal is Jewish

But some groups are still paranoid....

Stop the Madrassa Coalition has such important questions as:

What will be the reaction to someone eating a pork or ham sandwich if they are in proximity of one of KGIA’s students?
Gosh, gee, I don't know. Hmmm... I'm guessing they will be jumped on or beheaded. Seriously, I can't believe that can be a real question to ponder over.

Will Halal food be served in the cafeteria?
If it is, why is that a problem? In my highschool, we had fish on Lent days. Cafeterias should accommodate dietary restrictions.

The Thomas More Law Center (endorsed by Michael Savage, Sean Hannity, Rick Santorum, Pat Buchanan, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, enough said!) has more important questions on mind.

Richard Thompson, President and Chief Council of the Law Center imagines the following conversation that will [supposedly] take place during lunch time...

"I wonder what they will be talking about? Will it be about Al Queda or Hamas, the Palestinian issue, Muslim versus Jew, Muslim versus Christian, anti-American diatribe, who knows?
Yes, Richard, I'm sure all the 6th grade students would have those heavy issues on their minds, I'm sure they wouldn't talk about popular culture issues at all (because Arab-Americans are all just sly, undercover terrorists, right?) .....Actually, it would be great if more students engaged in some healthy diatribe, maybe the sedated youth population on the "War on Terror" would wake up. I also would like to point out how wonderful, vague "Palestinian issue" that was used.

Alert the protesters! I just found a picture of Robin Williams wearing shirt with the "terrorist language" in front of Old Glory. But he was raised a Christian....Doesn't matter! We all know he is a secret "breeding ground" for fundamentalism, right? Hey, wait a second, it says "I love New York!" (must be a secret message....)


I'm a Roller Girl

For some reason,
and no reason in particular, I feel like Anna Karina.

"Are you surprised that people can dance and sing in a world on its head?"-Dylan Thomas