The $720 million dollar day

It's a Quaker organization and I'm not so sure
about the 10 friend thing, but the common sense
is universal.

It seems like the same people arguing for Iraq are
the same people arguing against a "welfare state" of
School lunches.


Dance of the Ferret King

Sound clip

The seven-headed Ferret King
and his mouse minions are no more.
Stuck together with blood, dirt, and excrement,
he focused almost his entire campaign
on Florida's orange juice,
But Fresh squeezed only 15%.

Audio file from This American life


Now who is the snake?

Introducing the vagina's version of the "make my day law"


Sorry Oprah, your advice of urinating on the attackers and fighting back doesn't cut it in the real world anymore, time to make the Vagina Dentata real.

RapeX is described as, "a new product that was developed to empower women to defend themselves against rapists"

Basically, a woman puts it in just in case a man will attempt to rape her. If he does, teeth sink in, it pulls out, and he as to rush to the hospital to get it removed, where he will be persecuted.

Yes, Rape is a very serious crime, but is this really the right way to deal with it...because this is actually NOT dealing with the intent/psychological motive of rape

I believe that this raises some psychological issues...

Victim blaming still occurs in many parts of the world, and in many cultures. But what is more personal is the strong instance of rape victims blaming themselves over the act, by harboring rape victims usually blame themselves (wrongly, of course), that little voice will say..."O, if only I would have worn the RapeX...if only I had bought that pepper spray." Just a FYI, Fargo suppliers were sold out of pepper spray one week after the Dru Sjodin issue...

This furthers the fear of every man being a potential rapist (like how the P2 movie furthered "every" women's fear of working late at night/dark places/parking garages/no cell phone service/waking up naked in sexy white cleavage dress to find the creepy janitor staring at you...this list can go on and on and on....) are some of the FAQ's from the site:

Q. When should I wear it?

Should you have to travel long distances alone, on a train, working late, going out on a date with someone you don’t know too well, going to clubs, or in any situation that you might not feel comfortable or even just not sure.

Actually, 4 out of 5 rapes are "acquaintance rape." Women usually know the offender, or have a relationship with them. And only about 16% of the acquaintance rape victims actually report the crime....which means that there is a lot more going on than we even know about.

Q. From what age can this device be worn?

A. Menstruating age, thus 11-12 years of age.

But, more than 50% of the female victims were raped while a minor, and the majority of them were victimized by relatives...

And just to make sure you have good dreams before going to bed...

Q. What if I'm asleep and someone enters my house and tries to rape me?

A. Golden rule... keep the device right next to you. Remember it is very easy to insert, and very quick too.

Ironically, RAPEX is also the acronem for the "EU rapid alert system for all dangerous consumer products"

Just a related issue, here is a movie that is about the Vagina Dentata myth.

*Note: This post is not meant to trivialize or ignore the instances of male rape. However, due to the object of the criticism, it focuses on female rape.


Happiness and the warm gun

My hands are busy working overtime.
We'll be back by February.
In the mean time, we'll be commenting,
not posting.
But don't worry, you Bobby Mcferrin you,
be happy.