Found Art: Rural, Pastoral News

The following was taken from my small town newspaper. Obviously, whole names have been left out to protect decency:
We had a nice weekend. Friday we had stations of the cross with about 6 attending. We had tomato dumpling soup and fresh bread afterwards and good visiting. Tina and Ralph were host and hostess.

Saturday Tina came to do her laundry and studying for her religion class. It's quieter here. James is a TV nut and her cats bother her when she's in the house. She has two cats, one big orange and white and one really big that is a mixture and I mean really big. She did my kitchen floor for using the washer and dryer.

Sunday after church and Tina's religion class we went to Vern and Chris's for roast beef dinner and haircuts. We also had Chris's birthday cupcakes. James and I got haircuts. Chris got a little too scissor happy. My hair isn't much longer than Ralph's Crew-cut. She cut the damaged ends off. So it will grow healthy now before my next perm. Its going to take some getting used to.

Vern is so busy calving, he goes to sleep sitting up. He goes out at 4 am to check them an several times a day and night. He and out other son-in-law Doug are really busy. Each have had twins. They went looking for a new simmental bull. Doug got one and his friend Clayton got one. So we didn't see much of Vern until coffee time...


Playing the Flaming Piano

Fire, Fire, everywhere, nor any drop to drink.

Amid mounting opposition to the war and its costs,
A fast staccatissimo
cry of victory and fight them over there slurs was muffled in part by the
War Resisters League and the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimates of $600bn spent on Iraq, Iraq, and Iraq. Near Kirkuk, US troops shot dead three Iraqi police. Iraqi parents worry about the next mistake, tragic accident, and incident as their children, brutalized by war, are sincerely regretted.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Bear Stearns, sincerely regretted, incident, mistake, and tragic accident sends pouts of dollar woes as the Fed invades on ideological grounds,
removing the "risk" for JP Morgan with 30bn in troop reinforcements. Light sweet crude began being traded at $111.80.

Fire, Fire, everywhere, nor any drop to drink.


Selfish Symbiosis - let them eat cake

Supply and farmer profits, another farmer loses...As the world approaches 9 billion people...and we push great "economic growth".... praise countries when they approach middle-class status
Are we really seeing the whole picture? Or, are we in fact, not caring about the whole picture?

We still want wheat for our cheap meat and dollar menu, but ignore the people of the world who need to feed themselves as well, meat cannot afford to become a necessity.

It is a

Good thing that

we got our



"crime against humanity" to convert food crops to fuel

But Dark Humor is always a shows some Truth behind the chuckles..


Pop Sensations

I have been struck by Pop sensations.
Amnesty International, Save the Children, Cafod, Care International, and Christian Aid criticize Israel's smooth criminals of collective punishment. Meanwhile,
8,000 people are still in slavery after being captured during the great Sudan north-south breakdown.
We are all locked in the basement of the private sector,
And American family radio just can't seem to get enough bibles to China.

I have been struck by Pop sensations,
Sensation play and the great Sado-"machoist" McCain, with "determination to defeat an enemy and a heart big enough to love those who hurt," invites me for more than erotic tickling as Lou Pearlman caresses my inner thigh with his silk money laundry singing nipple clamp false statements in the back, Conrad Black leather seat of his 2004 Rolls Royce Phantom.

I have been struck by Pop sensations.