Oh, that food crisis...

This blissful state of unawares came to mind today, when I asked a co-worker if she heard anything recently about the food crisis, and if she had noticed any increase in her groceries, especially rice and oil, as I was chopping up not-native-to-North-Dakota-kiwis.

"...what crisis?"

" food know, the hungry people that are rioting in the streets, Haiti for a major example, Egypt too... how export crops are being restricted in places like India and Vietnam ...the food inflation..."

"oh, goodness, I haven't heard of that..."

"You mean you haven't heard about the mainstream IMF, World Bank , and UN reports on the current food markets, called the food crisis ?"

"No, I haven't heard anything about food costs, but you know, I bought frozen raspberries the other day and I thought they were a little expensive, but I needed them anyway."