Fargo, KSA. The Great Tankini Debate.

There is an inherent, filthy, evil gripping Fargo, an evil so vile that it does not just play 80's hair bands (Also known in ND as "today's best music"), but it also "turns you on" while driving around the streets of our humble, values-based, puritanical garden that is Fargonia.

Obviously, like someone planning to put a silly homeless shelter in the Fargo area, it has caused an uproar. The finest printed dilutions in North Dakota, The Dakota Beacon, naturally jumped right on it. After much deliberation, they concluded that "fighting" the "liberal 'rock' media" very much outweighed the implication of fighting for a progressive idea, like that of standing up for the subjugation of women. They even allied themselves with the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center, which, if your dillutional enough to read the Dakota Beacon, you'd think is obviously a socialist-statist group.

However, Rock 102 was not going to take this conservative fanatic/social welfare hybrid sitting down,
Having an issue with our LEGAL billboard does not give you the right to attack our business. Or the business of our clients. Disrupting commerce takes down the economic infrastructure of our community. Is that what you want?
They even tried to arouse the Republican party-line,
Where your fight is, is with what can be regulated by the government. And no one wants more government interference. If you start with the billboards, then you'll have a long fight, because what you see on our billboard can be seen in many other VERY PUBLIC places. Just standing in line at a grocery store puts you in view of many magazines with "tips" on how to "make your man happy in bed". You don't have to open the magazine to see that. And there is usually some girl in a bikini next to it. Tell me that our billboard is worse than that?
So the Great Tankini Debate continues. Especially after this recent "sensorship":

(Yes, a hula skirt)
Also, aren't tankini's what middle aged women wear to the pool?