Left = Reality in Nigeria

It is interesting how an answer can change the political spectrum according to who is answering the question...

When asked why the oil-rich country of Nigeria has over half of it's citizens in abject poverty,

Otive Igbuzor, the Nigerian-citizen, poverty expert of the international charity, Action Aid stated:

"The causes, not necessarily in order, were,

one, colonialism,

two, exploitative capitalism and,

three, the failure of Nigerian politicians
......who were often the local collaborators of multinational corporations."

--When the interviewer stated that answer was a left-wing theory,

Otive Igbuzor said, "it was not about labels, left or right. It was about the reality of life for most poor Nigerians."

Obviously, the American, majority, rich-European led powers in IMF and the WB are too fat, arrogant, and greedy to comprehend this.