Satan made $223 million at the box office!

Don't be swayed by the "liberal" media and other rating-houses such as the 77% on , Dr. Baehr says this movie should be avoided.

As he states, Harry Potter is a
"Very strong occult, pro-witchcraft worldview where the hero and his friends conquer evil villains through evil means, i.e., witchcraft..."
And don't let your child hear such nonsense as when Harry Potter's godfather tells him,

“You are not a bad person. Every person has light and darkness in them. You have a choice.”
Free will?...What a ridiculous statement, as Dr. Baehr affirms, "Imagine saying this to Michael Cho after he has had his killing spree. Or, Adolf Hitler."

Watching this movie, your child will have such harmful effects as,
"Instead of dreaming about the joys that God gives us through Jesus Christ, they will be dreaming of casting spells, using magic spells, riding brooms, and rebelling against their parents."

But, as the Dr. says, perhaps the worst part about this film is the theme of,
"immoral pagan, politically correct, anti-conservative elements."

What about other Movies?
Don't worry, Dr. Baehr is not just focusing on a childrens' films as anti-conservative, the film Sicko is in the Abhorrent category as well.

Abhorrent being,
"Intentional blasphemy, evil, gross immorality, falsehood, evil worldviews, and/or destructive, horrendous worldview problems."

Don't be fooled, America! This film is not about America's healthcare system, it is apparently really about...promoting fascism!
"Mr. Moore’s movies are like the movies made by Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and Communist China to prop up those despotic regimes and promote their evil fascist policies." Philosophy

As Dr. Baehr states,
“He who controls the media controls the culture.”

So it is good thing George W. Bush supports this film review group, stating this in a letter about their annual Movieguide Awards,
"I applaud this year's honorees and all those who promote high standards and values in the entertainment industry. May God bless you and may God continue to bless America."

Let Christian, politically incorrect, conservative elements ring Mr. President. A job well done indeed (Sarcasm).