Yes! Say I'm a naughty little schoolboy...say it!

A while ago...Enemy of the Republic from Cruel Virgin was kind enough to provide me a link to a hilarious, but immensely sad practice that is being done today.

Wife-beaters/spankers unite under God!
Christian Domestic Discipline (CDD)

which is ....."An arrangement between a Christian married couple that involves the husband having authority in the household and enforcing that authority through spanking or other means of punishment."

Nope, not this....

......................Butt this

So why is this needed?

"He uses his authority to keep peace and order in his home, protect his marriage, and help his wife mature in her Christian walk."

Here's a glance at their guestbook

Ginger said: May 30th, 2007 6:25 pm

Thank you for this site! I am married to an alcoholic, adulterer and am trapped. If and when I can get out, I will be seeking a good Christian Man who believes in the practice of CDD!

(....because apparently there are only two kind of men: the wankers and the spankers.)

Jake said: May 29th, 2007 10:01 pm

My wife love's your site, and tries everyday to be a perfect christian wife. Will you online store carry any paddles or whips for safe discipline when my hand is not enough to remind her of Proverbs 31? If not can you suggest some and the proper technique for their use?

( I don't know, maybe you could smack her with a wooden cross or bible to get her a little more perfect, excuse me, Christian...)

Mr Bowie said: May 21st, 2007 3:41 pm

This is a lovely website. Thank you. My wife has emotional problems and sometimes she snaps without any reason at all. We used to fight constantly and my life was a chaos. Until the day I came to this website and things changed for me. Occasional spanking keeps her in line and being a devout christian I am glad that it is permitted in the Holy Bible. Now our relationship is as strong as it used to be when we first started the courtship. I just can't thank you enough!
(Let's wait till she hits menopause...)

But some people may be breaking thru...

Amy said: May 28th, 2007 3:30 am

My husband has been spanking me for sometime now, and although I definitely don't enjoy the feeling of it, I do see a positive outcome. The pain from his slapping my buttocks combined with the humiliation of having my bottom naked (and to be spanked itlself is pretty embarassing, even the positioning), keeps me from doing anything unchristian. I'm pretty sure it's legal, because I agreed to it at the begining of our relationship, although I do struggle when he's spanking me. I do have one problem though, which is when he uses a belt (since the position keeps my legs apart) it can curve inward and slap my anus. If you could contact me with a solution that would be wonderful. Thanks and God Bless.

(hmmm....maybe the solution would be stop DELUDING yourself and get a real husband)

So it is not just the "terrorist!" religion that has subordinates...?

Use such tender, loving, objects as:
razor strop

tawse (
A specially cured leather strap with strips or “tongues” on the end historically used to punish Scottish schoolchildren.)

Or, if you cringe at physically punishing your loving companion just do...
Corner time: An alternative form of punishment where a wife is required to stand facing a corner, often with her bottom on display, before, during, or after a spanking.

Come on, who wouldn't want to spank this gal for punishment?