HSA= Hiding the Savings Account

I used to work for a company that handled Health Savings Accounts (HSA). It got to the point where I couldn't work there any more due to my conscience. Advocating for further privatization and telling people to ignore others that can't pay for their own health insurance--take care of yourself only, really got to me.

Who can afford this :
people with a high deductible health plan
people who want to lessen their taxes

How I was told to sell this
Emphasize that it will...
  • Cut your income taxes (taxes = socialism = evil!!)

  • Grow your savings tax free (hide it from those poor people!)

This is not a program offered by the government, banks usually offer it, with fees attached...either the banks charge the fees to the employer, or the employee.

--Deposits are tax deductible
--Earnings/Withdrawals are tax-free on those taxes...

After all, who wants to fund schools, the poor, the elderly, the unemployed...

Gosh, call me an uber-radical, but instead of privatization, how about not funding Fatah and not invading other countries and not giving corporation tax breaks.....
and instead funding our health system? Crazy, I know...