"Keep it in your pants"--God

"No matter how much he begs'
No matter how much he pleas,
Sex is what he wants,
Not what he needs."
With less than half of the federal money going into abstinence programs actually being spent on the public domain (51% goes to private organizations and 11% goes to strictly faith based organizations), its clear that it is geared more toward the long white arm of christian suburbia rather than providing a public service.

With 40% of the states not offering any mention about safe sex of even HIV/AIDS, it is also clear that it isn't about education at all.

With the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy concluding that from ten different studies on Abstinence only education, just one showed and real evidence of changing attitudes; its clear that it is not working.

And Finally, it's clear "the quality of AFLA evaluations funded by the federal government vary from barely adequate to completely inadequate" and researchers "are aware of no methodologically sound studies that demonstrate the effectiveness" of Abstinence only programs.

But fear not for...
"...about a third of the people interviewed say they wish they would have waited till they got married...and that's probably a low number."