No Sicko For Fargo? (and most Marcus "Theatres")

I've been waiting to see Sicko, I'll be waiting a while longer.

Although Michael Moore is about as intellectually stimulating as the latest Grisham, and even though the movie is about what most educated Americans (who care) already know, I have been waiting to see what all the commotion is about.

But I'll be waiting a while longer.

Marcus Theatres--which in Fargo owns all but the independent, downtown theatre that mostly concentrates on independent and foreign films--has not played it.

And out of 500 screens in Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio, and North Dakota; Marcus is playing Sicko in one theatre in Madison Wisconsin.

However, to Marcus's credibility, Knocked Up is being played in 50+ theaters.

(Korova at Mask of Anarchy has some more information.)

Sicko for Fargo

After much anticipation, Marcus theaters is to show Sicko in 29 theatres on the weekend of the 20-22 of July. According to Marcus, they originally scaled back the film due to the "demographics" of Fargo and due to a release cutback from LionsGate.
I won't have to wait much longer.

Since my readership is all liberal "commie scum," constitution-loving humanists, or the vagrantly unemployed (they are just so damn accepting); I know I've written some posts leaning toward the left. However, I didn't think this was one of them.

Apparently Rob at SayAnything did.
He blitzkrieged here and even here at CBS 12.