No More Torture (Including Sexual and Religous)

No more
or degrading

of detainees.
(This includes sexual acts and attacks on religious beliefs.)
George Bush 7/20/07

Leaving aside the issues of how hypocritical it is to denounce something that he says isn't going on and how disturbing it is that "sexual acts" has to be separately highlighted (as if someone was going to ask "But Mr. President, you surely wouldn't also ban sexual acts against detainees would you?"); this is disturbing.

And we should be scared...because "Military lawyers say the main point of the orders is to offer protection to CIA officers who might get sued in US courts if they were deemed to have abused prisoners," because Critics say guidelines are still too vague, and because Bans didn't work in the past.

And also
General Micheal V. Hayden said:
"The President’s action—along with the Military Commissions Act of 2006—gives us the legal clarity we have sought. It gives our officers the assurance that they may conduct their essential work in keeping with the laws of the United States."
Because it's so much harder to preform essential terrorism, both internationally and domestically, when your CIA officers' own illegal, Christian, xenophobic, homo erotic sexual deviance gets in the way of a good torture session.