What Goes in Must Come Out (9 months later)

Fargo's Prolife Billboards:
We're Prolife (but please don't tell Alfonso Rodriguez)

In the same spot where beer is boasted, 2nd mortgages are suggested, and cellulose can be magically removed, Prolife Accross America is letting a conservative city in a conservative state know they are trying to change womens' beliefs one billboard at a time.

And in case a person decides to research the Prolife Across America campaign, they can learn about not just the medical facts (like when a fetus smiles in the womb), but the scripture evidence as well. "Scripture" because apparently they only think pregnant Christian women are the ones debating this conundrum.

We saw these three billboards driving through downtown Fargo. I have a religious Christian friend that had an abortion during college for fear of what her religious community would think of her unmarried and pregnant, and I wonder how she feels everytime she has to look at one of these big, bright smiling babies...which are very healthy and very white as all good Christain babies should be in developed America.

So, out of curiosity, how prevelent are these billboards in your area?