A Meditation on Lee Greenwood

Just like the American media, I am going to take everyone's mind off the real news. I am going to ask "where were you" when you first heard/sang a song by Lee Greenwood?

I know I was in the Jr. High choir. I envisioned "America's most recognized [self-proclaimed] patriot" as some Francis Scott Key type, rather than a flag-waving venture capitalist that, after 9-11 caused a jump back to the top of the charts, decided to give back by selling Iraqi coins and going on tour with Sean Hanity.

From the Walter Reed Medical Center to the Bushvilles in New Orleans, grab a group of patriotic third graders and don on that dusty American flag jacket. What do you think about patriotism now that freedom-loving parade has dwindled, leaving only a few sick and weary stragglers?