Hopeful, Diluted, Delayed Gratification

Rumsfield has Germany, Libby has an indictment and not much support for a pardon, and Alberto Gonzales has mounting criticism and hopefully at least a looming resignation for illegally using the Patriot act and for the dismissal of eight US attorneys. Yet in each case, I am delaying appeasement, still waiting. There has to be more than this.

Due to his take on Article III of the Geneva Conventions, Alberto Gonzales should have been imprisoned for human rights abuses back in 2002. Then at least we would have some vague reassurance that the justice system works. We may even have had a sense of justice that could have stopped any notion of a "Just War" theory.

But today we manufacture our justice through CSI, Cops, and 24. I feel better already. Well, actually I'll feel much better when Bush is in Gonzales's position of disgrace, critique, and hopeful indictment. That truly would be TV-like bookend, tying everything up before his term is over.