Yummm....a bowlful of watered-down history

Line right up, Americans...time for your daily SoyLent Green

Did Rudy Giuliani witness something that the rest of the world missed?


Did the rest of the world acknowledge something that Rudy Giuliani is missing?

Oh Rudy, I understand that 30-second time limit for your TV ad:

- gotta use "Islamic terrorists" Because they are Islamic and "terrorists".....there's our 9/11 link

- throw in some "dictator" and "tyrant" along with the "terrorist"...because they are all the same to Americans, right? At least the good 'ol red+white+blue Americans that will vote for you

- no time to go into any of that silly Iran-Contra affair...that would require at least a couple of minutes....better time spent in the Rudy Introductory video, where it spends those minutes talking about how America is the "last best hope of man on earth"

Rudy must not be getting the same soup I have, for mine is overflowing with Nicaraguan blood.