The Great Flying Fist Scuffle

In a suspected, specially-sanctioned, Tehranian flying fist scuffle of undeclared nuclear material proportions taking place in a backstreet of Abu Dhabi, as so many great flying fist scuffles do; Mohammed ElBaradei, keen on the weapons of Mass distraction, will have none of it.

However, the fists are still flying in Jaisani, Iraq. 25 dead suspected "criminals" (including women and children), but the US forces do not keep complete records on civilians killed.

In essence, the C-130 is a converted cargo plane with numerous Gatling and mini-guns, a modern version of the "Puff the Magic Dragon" gunship used to win the hearts an minds of the suspected "crim-animals" (including women and children) of Vietnam. The precision is limited. Ask Iraq, Iraq, Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan.