As always, America profits...


With the average cost of a funeral now over $6500, it isn't surprising that some capitalist in America would profit off things that should not be profited death. But this company takes it one step further.

Since about 50% of Americans still think the "War in Iraq" is still related to 9/11 events, the company seems to be profiting off ignorance as well.

This is some of his hero list ( check out the link, some have sound clips):

Jesus (of course, first and foremost)
George Bush (in various locations/outfits)
Super Hero Bush
Condi Rice
Tony Blair

And some of his villians (with sound clips as well):

Crack-head Saddam
Osama (hmm...shouldn't some of this sound clip be used for Bush as well?)
Conrad Putin
Herr Schroeder
and of course....................Jacque Chirac