Dick Cheney Slept Here

In a discussion with a wishful freedom lover of the military persuasion, I was shocked once again to hear that same media bias argument applied to Bush's "Surge" (Escalation). Apparently we are making real tangible progress...only the media isn't reporting it.

To say nothing of the American media's flag waving up to the invasion, the muting of the anti-war movement, and the under counting of the Iraqi dead, the media has done a horrible job and can be accused of many things, but not reporting the US military aggression in a favorable light just isn't one of them.

Dawning my American flag lapel pin, I am going to suspend disbelief and reason and facts. This post is dedicated to progress. Four Months of a Escalation and I am happy to proclaim the first "benchmark" of Progress:

Dick Cheney, one of the men behind this four years of war, spent the night in Iraq for the first time, staying in Tikrit, the former hometown of Saddam.