A hypocritical fish fry

I recently went to a keynote address given by Demetria Martinez (life coach, activist, and award winning non-autobiographical and non-confrontational writer and poet)...and I was disappointed.

She mainly spent the time reading/hawking/shelling out of her books, which were novels and poems. Some of her statements were almost quoted word for word from the interview that I read from an article earlier.

She did make one good point with, "America has a schizophrenic outlook." She went further to say America needs someone to pick on, but also needs someone to pick their lettuce. Corporate schizophrenia, that's is a good description of America.

Her Q and A session was a bit better...except for one important exclamation that she made. When asked if she had an FBI file and was ever hampered by it, she replied, "They have bigger fish to fry." But she continued on saying, "I am Glad they have bigger fish to fry."

Now, Demetria never went to prison...much less Guantanamo...she stood on trial for conspiracy against the U.S. government for trying to help people cross into the U.S. border about twenty years ago. One of the women she was helping cross over was pregnant and was due around Christmas. She said it would make a "good Christmas" trivializing.

She stood trial and was found "innocent." However, the "Bigger Fish" that she's glad the government is after don't get a trial. She may call herself an activist fighting for human rights, but her human rights doesn't seem to extend to the "terrorists," the many people stuck in limbo for being in the "wrong" least not at that address.