Wrestling Iran

Listening to the news lately, I feel like a "special" American wearing my protective helmet, receiving pats on my back just for showing up and, of course, for loving freedom.

Whenever I try talking to someone about current events, I get a story about some apocalyptic battle of West vs. Terrorist that is even more narcissistic and conceited than a publication put out by the American Enterprise Institute

One reason may be that the local news report stories almost like this:

After a herpes outbreak halted wrestlers from "practicing their love" in competitions across North Dakota and Minnesota, rumors of an evil international terrorist conspiracy headed by Iran have begun to surface. Pedophiliac freedom lovers demand justice!

On Wednesday President Bush said that there is "no doubt" of Iran's involvement, but he also apprehensively admitted that he "can't prove" top Iranian officials were involved.

Critics contend that circumstances seem reminiscent to the Iraqi invasion in which Saddam was initially blamed for an outbreak of syphilis. It was later discovered that he indeed had no contact with the infected.