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American's are completely clueless, they need a manual for everything. I found this one (taken from a woman's education site):
Q: Where is the clitoris? What should I do to it when I find it?

A: My own simple way of finding a clitoris for the first time is to look a vulva in the face. You can do this on a separate woman or you can look at your vulva in the mirror.

On this site, I detail ways I personally prefer to stimulate my clitoris. Other clitoris resources include this practical, comprehensive, accurate page about how the clitoris functions during sex and what you can do to it, and, which has pictures. Enjoy!
Sex Education in America Sucks!
Q: My vagina is too pale/dark, has bumps, is kind of veiny, has bigger labia on one side than the other, sticks out/in, is too puffy/flat, has a mole, makes a lot of discharge, or otherwise seems weird. Am I normal??

A: Yes! Vaginas and vulvas can be all those things and way, way more. They come in all kinds of colours and shapes and it is perfectly fine and beautiful for yours to not look like the simplified anatomical diagrams in sex ed.

Please see symmetry, colour, inside, labia, size, and whatever else you like for descriptions of the variations of my personal vagina.
Who Knew? You didn't if you went to a Catholic school.
Q: My boyfriend thinks I’ve slept with someone else because my vagina doesn’t feel tight. What is going on?

A: Tight vaginas are usually just dry vaginas (which, incidentally, are more likely to get injured than a sufficiently lubricated vagina). It is a myth that sex stretches vaginas and makes them loose.

If you want more contact with whatever is in your vagina, learn to squeeze your vaginal muscles (see How can I tighten my vagina below).

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